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Ok, there is still no news.

'they say' no news is good news.

If you are interested in such things

write it.


Well two new things to report, first, we have a new section here where you can find a friend tonight (allegedly) and the second is a live chat room, which is now here. (  )You may have noticed that we have taken off the directions to the gay friendly place we were telling you about, this is to keep it friendly. Unfortunately it doesn't open much in the winter, only Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the moment, so roll on summer 'cos it is a great venue and we are planning some outstanding parties. To be notified of themed parties throughout the summer please send us an e mail here.

November 2006

No news is good news right ?

If you have any articles or information about the scene in Cyprus which you think our readers would be interested in, send it in to

August 2005

The renewal of a license had caused great problems for the owners of the gay club in Larnaca. They are being taken to court on more than 18 counts of trading without a license after the licensing authority failed to provide one on a continual basis. We find it very strange that  after being so inefficient as to not provide said license in time, they used this as an excuse to confiscate the sound system and drinks on more than one occasion without giving a receipt of seizure for said goods. They have then prosecuted the owners and the fines have stared rolling in at C1000 a go ! There are over 18 counts pending and so besides trying to run a business they are almost full time attendants at the Larnaca district court.
We think this is a blatant case of victimisation. What do you think ?

September 2005


On the 2nd September 2005 they moved to it's new venue on the airport road. A custom built club once run by Mrs Kay, the opening night was proof that there is a demand for a good nightclub in Larnaca whether gay or straight. The night featured entertainment including male strippers and some nifty dancing. Closing time at 4 am found the crowd loath to leave.
Great night out. Thanks.




One of the reasons for the move are the delightful neighbours opposite the old club. The news of the week though is that when a new bar opened at the end of the road, they went marching down to do their usual trick and complain, the whole street was giggling when they came back with a bloody nose. hmmm, what goes around comes around?


The Facts

In January 1995, the Cyprus Government, in order to comply with the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, introduced a bill in Parliament to end the ban on homosexuality under Article 171 of the Criminal Code. This was law was passed in 1998. In the year 2000 there was further legislation which ended some of the discrimination against gay men here in criminal law. It changed the jargon "unnatural licentiousness"  became  "intercourse between men" .

In 2002 under pressure from the EU the Cypriot government was forced to equalise the age of consent and did this by raising the age of consent for heterosexuals and lowering it for gays to 17. 


new year's eve party.

See here for details

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girls only night.

See here for details

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